How to take out home insurance?

home insurance

Before subscribing to your  home insurance contract  , you must take into account various elements and know the steps of the subscription procedure.

How to compare to get a personalized proposal?

Insurers calculate the insurance premium according to certain very specific criteria: characteristics of the accommodation and needs of the family residing there.

Depending on these different elements, insurance premiums can vary significantly. Before taking out your home insurance, it is therefore essential to carefully compare the different offers on the market.

Elements taken into account in pricing

When you use our online comparison form, you will have to answer various questions about the accommodation to be insured.

  • accommodation address;
  • area;
  • water damage ;
  • number of living rooms;
  • type of dwelling: house, apartment, second home;
  • value of goods to be insured: valuables, high-tech, jewellery;
  • Equipment or extensions: veranda, fireplace, swimming pool, garage.

Even if it bothers you, answer all these questions carefully because they will allow you to obtain a personalized and tailor-made quote.

Choosing the best home insurance deal

Compare allows you to carefully choose the desired levels of cover to ensure that your property, you and your loved ones will be well protected in the event of a claim.

The only essential guarantee is civil liability. It normally covers damage caused to third parties:

  • caused by your fault, recklessness or negligence;
  • committed by your children, if they live under your roof (adult children living under your roof are in principle also covered);
  • caused by your ascendants living under your roof;
  • caused by your attendants (housekeeper, gardener, babysitter, etc.),
  • caused by your pets, or those you keep;
  • caused by items you own, or have borrowed or rented;

because of the accommodation you own, (for example due to a lack of maintenance or a construction defect, even if the accommodation is unoccupied or rented).

Additional guarantees?

Unlike civil liability, which you must take out, you are free to choose the level of additional cover you wish to take out. These guarantees will allow you to be insured in the event of fire, water damage, natural disasters.

They also allow you to provide extensions or additional equipment such as a swimming pool, your furniture or garden shed…

Home insurance: how to subscribe?

Once you have chosen your contract, you can choose to subscribe directly online or call one of our advisers on 02 30 06 00 60 to help you with the procedures.

 What documents need to be provided?

To finalize your contract, you will need to provide various documents:

Copy of your identity document. Pay attention to the expiry date;

Bank account statement for the collection of your insurance premium;

If you are a tenant, you will also need to provide a copy of your rental contract.

 Once you have validated your contract, you will receive a home insurance certificate. Please note, if you are renting, this document must be sent to your landlord every year. If you don’t, he could break your lease for lack of insurance.

Withdrawal period

Once you have signed your contract, you have 14 days to withdraw. Please note: if you wish to terminate your contract, you must do so by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

How to cancel your home insurance when it expires?

After the legal withdrawal period, you will have to wait one year to terminate your contract.

But the good news is that this time, your new insurer will be responsible for making the cancellation request for you.

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